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"Live Better With Addario's"



"Live Better With Addario's"



What people are saying about us...

"Dear Mr. Addario,My name is Jose F. Abad, of East Boston.

Last week, I had my boiler replaced with a new high efficiency HTP Elite boiler. We’re still getting used to the new machine/operating system, I am sure I will be able to discuss more about that in the future since it is still too new for us. Time will tell how good it really is!

The reason for this note is to voice my opinion about our experience with your staff and services. I assume you’d like to hear what new and existing customers think about that!

I will begin by complimenting Donna, who kindly handled my call, she was very kind, helpful and immediately showed me great interest in helping with my situation. That was a very good sign that as suggested by a co-worker, I was calling the right service provider. Excellent customer service by Donna!! A+++

Also, I was quite impressed with Chris Viscarello and Chad Hidler! They both represented you well on the field and were able to exceed my expectations with their level of professionalism, knowledge and respect! They both behaved like true gentleman. My wife and kids were very comfortable with their presence in our home during the completion of the work (2 days). Clean work; nicely done. Even the floor was swept and trash removed from the property. I appreciated that very much. A++++

I should mention, that I had a lot of questions for Chris, he was very patient in answering every time without any hint of annoyance. That is not very common nowadays in the customer service industry. Chad was very helpful with great suggestions as well.

I didn’t have the chance to personally thank Bill Travis for his contribution to the installation, he was gone by the time I went to see him. He was very helpful and professional, please thank him as well on my behalf.

In conclusion, I am very pleased overall with the level of service provided and will highly recommend your company to anyone I know or who needs such services…even your contractors (electricians) made Addario’s shine!

Please thank everyone on my behalf and continue practicing great work and customer service combined! You’ll never go wrong. Wish you all continued success in many years to come!"


-Jose F. Abad

Dear Mr. Addario,

"I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know what a fantastic job your team did with replacing our hot water heater. Approximately eighteen months ago, Gem Plumbing, through Home Depot, installed our hot water heater. Without any signs of failing, the unit’s control panel caught fire and it immediately rendered the heater useless.

Once I got over the hurdles of dealing with Rheem and Home Depot, I had the pleasure of speaking with your dispatcher, Eddie. (I apologize for not having his last name.) Immediately, Eddie was friendly, professional and service oriented. He told me what he was going to do and he did it. As you well know Mr. Addario, these days, good service, let alone great service, is difficult to find. Eddie provided great service to me and is a credit to your organization. Our family, who was not thrilled to be without hot water, thanks him for getting everything taken care of so quickly and for doing it in such a terrific manner.

The other two people who were also fantastic are Dave Thibedeault and Bill Foster. They showed up when Eddie said they would and did a tremendous job with our installation. Dave is a true professional and explained the entire process to me. I did not want to stand over his shoulder, but he welcomed my questions and made me feel like a valued customer and they both said they wanted to make certain everything was perfect. It was refreshing to meet people who take pride in their work and who have the technical and service skills to make the entire process a positive one.

Bill Foster told me he was new to your company, but judging by his professionalism and attention to detail, I would have guessed he had been with you for a long time. He was focused on the job, but took the time to update me on the installation process. His positive and professional demeanor were greatly appreciated.

I was so happy with the work that they did that day, that I told them that I would write this letter on their behalves. I only write letters when they are truly deserved and they absolutely deserve to be recognized for their exemplary work. We all like to complain, but I would be remiss if I did not reach out to you to compliment the work of Eddie, Dave and Bill."

Best Regards,

-Ross Trachtenberg

"Mr. Addario - I just wanted to thank you very much for your great services yesterday. George O'Brien did a great job on both fixing the problem with replacing the three handle shower with the one handle shower and by being able to make it look like no work was ever done. I felt so bad not knowing that the wall was cement that he had to blast through to repair this problem. I did speak to Andy yesterday about getting a price estimate on having a tub liner installed and he is having someone come by Friday afternoon to help me with the designs. Believe me, after the nice job George did yesterday, the rest of the tub needs a makeover."

Thanks again,

-Judy Driscoll

"Dear Mr. Anderson,

I am writing to let you know how impressed I was with my father's boiler and water heater install. The process went smoother than I expected. Everything had to be done within a certain window of time and your team met the deadlines.

Your crews were very professional and skilled at what they do. I will definitely use you guys again on any other projects and I would recommend you to others.

Again, thanks for all your hard work and exceeding my expectations!"

-John Doyle

"Dear Mr. Addario,

I had an experience with your company that I had to write you about. Recently I purchased a hot water heater through Home Depot which was installed by an Addario's installer. The installer was on time and did a great job. But, shortly after that I noticed a billing discrepancy due to a change in the order because the water heater I ordered did not fit in the space we had. unfortunately, after 20 minutes with the Home Depot call center I was transferred to the Home Depot store (in the hope that they could help me). After an additional 25 minutes on the phone the Home Depot store said I should really call Addario's as it was an installer issue.

I was pretty sure it wasn't your issue - but called anyway. Enter Nicole - she was fantastic, she took 3 minutes to understand my issue and called Home Depot, a 3 way-conference-call to the Home Depot store (with me still on the line). She got the whole matter resolved in 10 minutes and Home Depot has now fixed the issue! It was not an Addario's problem, but Nicole fixed it.

In times like these when folks are cutting back on service - it's a customer experience like this that creates loyal customers. Home Depot should be grateful to have a partner like you."

-Omar Hoda


"Every Act of Kindness Done Makes Life Nicer for Someone"

To all of you,

Hope you know how much it meant...and how very much you're appreciated! Thank you sincerely for a job excellently done. Your kindness and expertise meant so much. Thank you for being you. Happy Holidays. May God Bless."

Thanks! -Claire LaPierre

"Clean, prompt and professional."
-Roland D. in Danvers, MA

"Yes, Addarios is professional, clean, courteous and explained and did everything promised. I love the unit and have no regrets."
-Karen G. in West Roxbury, MA

"My Rinnai tankless water heater was expertly installed and hardly takes any space in my basement. It is quiet and efficient. The unit itself is clean, well built and not large at all, it sits on a wall. My monthly winter cost was reduced by over 2/3's, converting from oil to gas. Even my hot water is hotter which helps clean the dishes in the dishwasher better. I should have converted years ago!!"
-Debbie M. in Newburyport, MA

"Great company would highly recommend them to any and everyone!"
-Mark S. in Swampscott, MA

"Yes, They did an excellent job. Will recommend."
-Thiru V. in Andover, MA

"They did a thorough, neat, tough, tight installation very well"
-Joanne M. in Danvers, MA