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ENDLESS HOT WATER: Soothing Hot Water For Everyone When is the last time you relaxed and soaked yourself in a hot steamy bath?  More than ever, with today’s busy lifestyle, your body deserves a nice stress relieving moment in your hot tub. Unfortunately, a tank water heater can only supply enough hot water to fill a bath tub and may have enough hot water left for a quick shower. With a tankless water heater you will get endless hot water.  Tankless water heaters heat water on demand, and that means you never have to worry about running out of hot water.  Imagine the luxury of always having enough hot water for everyone to enjoy and relax – hot tubs, showers and still have an endless supply for the rest of your household needs.

HIGHER VOLUME: Hot Water For Any Size Home Endless supply with more volume – not only can a tankless water heater provide an endless supply of hot water, it can also deliver more of it for all your hot water demands.  We offer a multi-system set-up that can link up to 24 units, which translates to 317 gallons per minute – enough for over 126 showers at once!  With this much volume, our tankless water heaters can meet any hot water demand of today’s homes.

CLEAN WATER: No Dirty Tanks With a tankless water heater, water is heated as it passes through the unit so you will always be using a fresh supply of water.  As the years pass by, traditional tank water heaters start to rust and build-up scale inside the tank, which is where your hot water is being stored for use.

SPACE SAVINGS: Flexible Installation Options Compared to traditional water heaters, one of the most obvious differences is its small size.  Compact in design, tankless water heaters can be installed virtually anywhere.  Our tankless water heaters mount on the wall, inside or outside. Depending upon what your needs are, if you want fast hot water delivery, you can actually relocate the tankless heater closer to the fixtures you use most often.  Therefore, a tankless not only saves you space, but can also save you water.  Relocating a big, bulky tank to a location that makes more sense would definitely be a challenge.

ENERGY SAVINGS: Lower Water Heating Bills With a tankless water heater, you’ll save energy and thus, money.  Our on-demand systems require no pilot light and can save about half the cost of your current water heating bill since there is no re-heating of water as with traditional water heaters.  Compared to a tank water heater’s 60% efficiency, an 83%-94% energy-efficiency level makes tankless water heaters much more eco-friendly.

LASTS LONGER: Durability Tankless water heaters are extremely durable, lasting longer than traditional tank-type water heaters, and requiring little maintenance over its lifetime. They are also extremely well designed.  If for some reason it needs to be serviced, any single part of the heater can be replaced and fixed. We want you to feel comfortable with our tankless water heaters so we back them with one of the best warranties in the industry.

tankless water heater

Water Filtration Helpful Resources

The majority of US households suffer from water affected by a variety of different issues. Affected water can cause a variety of problems, including:

  • Corroded fixtures
  • Shorter appliance life (dishwashers, hot water heaters, faucets, etc.)
  • Dry skin
  • Stained bathtubs/showers
  • Bad tasting food
  • Faded clothing
  • Offensive smells throughout the home
  • Illness

A home water filtration/purification/softening system will leave you with fresh-tasting, clean water that will ensure you and your family doesn’t suffer from any of the above problems! Call today to schedule a FREE water quality test to determine exactly what kind of water you have.

Common Issues


Hard water is usually caused by dissolved calcium, magnesium, and iron. Most homes, regardless of whether their water comes from a municipality or a well, suffer from hard water. Unfortunately, most homeowners are unaware of the costly consequences of hard water. Some of the telltale signs of hard water are dry skin, dry hair, bathtub rings, residue left on glass or silverware, water-using appliances that fail earlier than expected or do not perform as expected. The expenses caused by hard water are usually not realized until it is too late – a failed washing machine or dishwater, etc.

Cloudy water is usually caused by dissolved or suspended solids in your water. Solids in your water, or “turbidity,” is usually caused by construction, storms, or urban runoff near your water supply. Turbidity can range from a low turbidity to high turbidity – higher levels of turbidity can be responsible for gastrointestinal diseases. This is caused by viruses or bacteria attaching to the suspended solids, and contaminating the water. In addition, suspended solids can protect bacteria from ultraviolet sterilization.

Most of the time, your water can contain a high level of solids without becoming cloudy – that is why it is always a good idea to have your water tested.

Addarios offers FREE water testing to determine if your water is safe or not.

Chlorine is used extensively at water treatment plants to kill harmful bacteria in the water. Often, the chlorine can remain in the water supply all the way to your home. Once in your home, chlorinated water can dry out your skin and hair, fade your clothing, and even cause rubber seals in your appliances to rot out. In addition, it causes your water to smell and taste bad.

Ideally, water is odorless, colorless, and tasteless. In many cases, this is not the case, due to multiple different reasons.

Musty taste or smell – Can be caused by decaying vegetation.
“Rotten egg” smell – Caused by hydrogen sulfide in groundwater supplies. Can occur naturally or be caused by bacteria. The smell can also affect food cooked using this water and transfer the smell to skin or hair in the shower or clothing in the laundry. In addition, it can causes metal appliances to corrode more quickly than normal.

Metallic taste – Can be caused by the presence of iron, copper, manganese, or zinc. May be caused by the element in the groundwater or the aging of your water distribution system and the corrosion of copper piping or brass fittings. Also, water containing iron or manganese cause dark orange or black staining on clothing, fixtures, and even your hair.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that there are as many as 12 million cases of waterborne acute gastrointestinal illness every year, in the United States alone! Most of the time, these illnesses are caused by bacteria and viruses that get into the water supply. Since water treatment plants cannot even guarantee that water is free of these contaminants, the clear solution is a home water filtration/purification system.

Schedule a FREE home water test with Addarios today to see exactly what’s in your water!

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